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Become a Supporter

To become a BodhiHeart monthly supporter.

1) Send us an email declaring your wish to become a supporter and the amount of your monthly donation. We’ll email you our address and phone number which you’ll need to set up an online payment.

2) Set up a recurring payment online through your bank.

Our credit union doesn’t allow us, as a nonprofit, to accept POP money. Instead, you can use: A. Zelle/Quick Pay through your bank to set up a recurring money transfer or B. the Zelle app on your phone.  C. Or if you’re in a credit union you can use its online bill pay service to have them send recurring paper checks.

Option A:  Zelle/Quick Pay through your bank (online money transfer)
If your bank offers a Zelle/Quick Pay service, you can easily set up automatic transfers to our Chase account. We keep an account at Chase for this purpose.

Option B: Zelle app on your phone
If your bank does not offer Zelle, you can use the Zelle app on your phone.

Option C: Your bank’s Online bill pay service (Bank sends paper check)
If you bank at a credit union and don’t want to use the Zelle app, go to your online banking website and set up a monthly payment. Your credit union will issue a paper check and send it to us by mail. Something like this:
*On the menu for bill payments, select “Go.”
*Under “Pick a bill you want to pay,” select “other categories.
*Click on “Charites” or “Everything else.”
*Another menu appears. Select “Person.” You’ll need our mailing address and phone number here.

3) Send us an email letting us know what you’ve set up and what day of the month your bank transfers the payment or sends a check.

4) Problems and Changes

Sometimes during the holidays mail goes missing or gets misdirected. We’ll be in touch if we don’t receive your dana, and you can let the bank know.

If you need to suspend your dana, or adjust the amount, let us know.

Thank you! Our monthly supporters are the very backbone of Bodhiheart’s existence in this world!