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A Dewdrop, Dream, A Water Moon – translations by Tenzin Jesse

This book contains BodhiHeart’s favorite practice and study texts in new translations. Read about the book’s creation here in an article by Jason Suplizio for the Northwest Dharma News.

This is a free distribution text. The copyright is held under a Creartive Commons license, by Tenzin Jesse. Redistribution is permitted as long as its use is non-commercial and proper attribution is credited to Tenzin Jesse, BodhiHeart Sangha. See below for license details.

The E-book can be read in your browser or downloaded. There is also a print-ready version.
Thanks and enjoy!

E-Book: A Dew Drop, Dream, A Water Moon

In browser: Click on titles in the table of contents for Internal links. For a two-page view –  right click on the text.
In the downloaded text:  For a two-page view, under the drop-down menu item “View,” select “Two pages.” “Full screen” under “View” is also nice.

Print versiom: A Dew Drop, Dream, A Water Moon

Paper size is standard trade paperback: 6 inches by 9 inches. Print at home or at your local print shop. We highly recommend a spiral wire binding so that you can open the book flat.

Creative Commons License   A Dew Drop, Dream, A Water Moon by Tenzin Jesse, BodhiHeart Sangha is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, except where otherwise noted. Tenzin Jesse, BodhiHeart Sangha, retains all commercial rights, but permission is granted to reproduce, reformat, transmit and distribute these works for non-commercial use without further need for permission, as long as you credit Tenzin Jesse, BodhiHeart Sangha, and license your new creation under the identical terms.