BodhiHeart Sangha

Dharma & Meditation in Seattle

Wednesday Class

Mindfulness Meditation – Instructions and in-class meditation

Wednesdays 7:00-8:50 PM

♦   For Buddhist practitioners who have a basic understanding of Buddhism

♦  1 hr sittings, Dharma talks, meditation instruction and guidance

♦  A restorative experience for practitioners with high stress lives

♦  Training in calm abiding and special insight focusing on the breath and mindfulness of the body

♦  Students must commit to a daily meditation practice

Venerable Dhammadinna, a Buddhist monastic with 25 years of meditation training in the monasteries of Burma and Thailand, will introduce the foundations of mindfulness. Venerable will give the instructions on the hindrances and their antidotes, and the factors of enlightenment. The class will offer training in calm abiding and special insight with the breath as a vehicle.

The class is designed for Buddhist practitioners – particularly BodhiHeart students – with an understanding of the Four Noble Truths. Students must be able to commit to daily meditation sessions at home.