BodhiHeart Sangha

Dharma & Meditation in Seattle

White Allies Discussion

Saturdays, July 11 and 18  10:35-12:00

This is a discussion group for Bodhiheart students who would like to discuss the issues of white priviledge in more depth than is possible in on-going classes.

Registration is limited and completion of Bodhiheart’s one-year Intro to Buddhism course is a prerequisite.

We will begin on July 11th and 18th by discussing Non Violent Communication: The Language of Life by Marshall Rosenburg third edition (2nd edition is fine).

Beginning in September we’ll discuss So You Want to Talk About Race by Ijeoma Oluo – in a ‘book group’ format once a month, giving students time to read the book..

If you are unable to jopin the class, we invite you to read along with us, and we’ll post here further resource and topic updates.

Discussion will be led by Venerable Dhammadinna, who has taken the Non-violent Communication course as well as the People’s Institute workshop: Undoing Institutional Racism.  and the Holistic Resistance workshops that create a safe space for white allies to unravel racism. We highly recommend all of these workshops.

Dana for this seminar, will be donated to The Braxton Institute which works to support resilience in social justice workers. 

Here’s the livestream class link for those who have registered.