BodhiHeart Sangha

Dharma & Meditation in Seattle

The BodhiHeart Community

BodhiHeart has two, full-time resident teachers, Ven. Dhammadinna and Tenzin Jesse, who founded BodhiHeart in 2006. Their backgrounds include both Burmese vipassana and Tibetan traditions.  Thus BodhiHeart has the unusual good fortune to have broad, genuinely non-sectarian teachings. And students have easy access to their teachers. 

We take our inspiration from His Holiness the Dalai Lama and follow his wishes to the best of our ability. Thus the Bodhiheart program is grounded in a contemplative overview of the entire Buddhist path called ‘the lam rim’ in which students learn to apply the Dharma to their lives. Some students choose this as their main practice. Others may enter Bodhiheart’s meditation program and/or or program for traditional Buddhist Studies. 

BodhiHeart is a diverse, urban community with many things in common. We aspire to be grounded, connected and compassionate in the context of our busy, daily lives. We’re friendly, down to earth, and we enjoy our community greatly. We are singles, couples and families, students and professionals, young and old, straight, gay, and multiethnic. 

Come and say hi – and if you see Venerable Dhammadinna walking around Capitol Hill, don’t hesitate to introduce yourself.

BodhiHearts at work together